Alfonso's Hotel
Alfonso's Hotel 4
Country USA
City New York City
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Alfonso's Hotel though advertised online as a five-star affair is in fact (to the disappointment of Thelwell Minster) an under-managed establishments, lacking working toilets, functional soda- or cigarrette-machines and being infested by Death Watch Beetles. It is run by Alfonso.


  • George: "What a hotel! So busy and yet so charmingly quite. A triumph" (Sarcastic tone)
  • George: "A large pair of security doors - with toughened glass. Must be there to stop the guests escaping".


  • The web declared it to be a boutique-hotel-gem the like of which Phillippe Starck himself would be proud. But in fact, it is a rat-infested, urine-stained, hell-hole. In which you fully expect you shall be mugged, held to ransom or even.. something you don't even bear to think about.
  • The hotel staff are only Alfonso (The Manager) and Juanita (Receptionist/Cleaning).
  • It's been on Alfonso's family for generations.
  • The security measures are pretty impressive.


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