Anna Maria's apartment
Anna Maria's Appartment 4
Country Italy
City Rome
Address Vicolo Serve Smarrite 128, apartment 08, Rome
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

After the events in Istanbul, George and Nico tried to find Anna Maria.

They found in her hotel room a credit card receipt. George hacked the credit card terminal to get Anna Maria’s home address in Rome. Her address is Vicolo Serve Smarrite 128, apartment 08, Rome.


  • Her bookshelf is fool of particle physics books.
  • In Anna Maria bedroom, when clicking on the Holy Bible next to the bed, George says he prefers to read Dan Brown's these days.
  • George Stobbart uses his Telescopic Golf Club to break into the apartment.
  • "Vicolo Serve Smarrite" means literally "Need lost Alley"
  • Her neighbour is Brother Mark, he lives in apartment 07.


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