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Bruno Ostvald
Bruno Ostvald
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Elderly 
Nationality Eastern European
Occupation Member of the Neo-Templar Sect (Formerly),

Scientist and Creator

Location Hotel Ubu , France

Glastonbury, England

Susarro's Castle, Prague

The Armillary, Egypt

Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Status Deceased
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Bruno Ostvald is a Nobel prize winner from somewhere in Eastern Europe. He's one of the members of Neo-Templars until he never shows up in St. Ninian's Church in Scotland to escape. In the third game, he's being hunted by Susarro and the Cult of the Dragon to use him for activating the Dragon Energy.


"Bruno" comes from a Germanic word "braun" where it means "brown", as a reference of his hair and dress color". It also means "shield" or "armor". The second meaning is more likely a reference of himself where he sacrifices his life to protect George and Nico from Anubis.


He is a Noble Prize Winner who displays an occasional, comical lack of grasp over the English language. Being a scientist, he always states his conversation with other people based on facts and lacks sense of humor, as evidence that he always misunderstand George 's jokes in the third game.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsEdit

This man comes from a country of Eastern Europe and was awarded the Nobel Prize. He is visiting Paris , George meets in the lobby of the Hotel Ubu reading newspapers. He stayed there as an important visitor but in reality he's searching the manuscript along with Flap and Guido.

George finds Bruno again under the Montfaucon sewers along with other Neo-Templar members including Eklund and the Grandmaster. The Neo-Templars discuss about the sword and Klausner's whereabouts. The Grandmaster asks Bruno about the sword but Bruno reassures that he and his group of archaeologists and historians are trying their best to find it. Eklund interrupts and says that they're worthless. Bruno defends by saying Peagram found the gem and Marquet was a good member of the Order. However, he realizes that the Grandmaster is the one who tells Eklund to kill Marquet for being a failiure.

Bruno is never seen at Bannockburn, Scotland and decides to quit being a Neo-Templar after he realize that the Grandmaster made all lies.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping DragonEdit

He's now a former Neo-Templar who becomes George's friend in this game. He is encountered at the burning warehouse in Glastonbury and saved by George. After the fire's out, he tells George about the status of the Neo-Templars and Susarro. According to Bruno, the Neo-Templars changed into the Cult of the Dragon lead by Susarro after the death of the Grandmaster. The cult's mission is to find the Dragon Power and the natural disasters happening around the world is the side effects of using that power. George decides to take along with Bruno in Paris to help him escape and find Susarro.

He leads George to Glastonbury and Paris. He is captured during George and Nico's trip to Congo and forced to work the Armillary in Egypt. He sacrifices himself so that George and Nico can stop the Grand Master .

Topics of ConversationEdit

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

  • Clown
  • Khan
  • Plantard

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

  • André Lobineau
  • Bruno Ostvald
  • Dr. Cholmondely
  • Earth power
  • George Stobbart
  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Grand Master
  • Key of Solomon
  • Nico Collard
  • Old building
  • Omega Stone
  • Power locator
  • Robed figure
  • Susarro


Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

"We will find Baphomet and the Sword manuscript or no."

"But I have my best people working on it! You would not do well critize others, Eklund! At least, I have not murdered one of our own!"

"I beg your pardon, Grand Master. I did not mean to..."

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

"In their eyes, I'm a traitor. They do not forget, they do not forgive."

"I've had more electricity through me than a small town in winter...but heck - now you're here who gives a damn."

"Lady - I grew up in Eastern Europe. We did torture in kindergarten."

"There is no sharp end. Both ends are very blunt."

"Much responsibility for what has happened lies with me. I helped the Grand Master in his quest for power. I am not really ready for death but perhaps I'm ready for redemption."

"Let my friends go. They have no part of it."

"If you die, this really has all been for nothing Stobbart!"

"Stop the Grand Master!"


  • In the first game, if the player shows the matchbook Bruno tells George that the name Alamut means "Old Man of the Mountains".


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