Café Le Tricolore
Le tricolore
Country France
Address Rue d' Orsel
City Paris
Appearance Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse
"There is only one coffee i will serve, black. Noir. Hot and strong!"

Café Le Tricolore is the coffee shop located in the left far corner of the street next to Le Lézard Bleu Art Gallery in Paris, France. It is attended by this waiter.

The Cafe is a meeting place between the characters, to have a conversation with the waiter, grab a coffee, or to have a meeting with someone special. 


  • If you look closely at the café’s vitro windows, you can see on the right a little robot which looks a lot like Joey from Beneath a Steel Sky. If you click on it every time you walk by, you will hear him say a funny and interesting quote or something unexpected.


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