The Countess de Vasconcellos is a Spanish aristocrat whose family are suspected to be mixed in with the mystery of the original Knights Templar


She is shown to be a very sophisticated woman, appropriate of an aristocrat. She is very proud of her families involvement with the Knights Templar, and very protective of her family heirlooms. Before George showed up she spent much time contemplating what could have happened to Don Carlos and the children.

We first meet the Countess when George practically breaks into her home in Spain. He garners her interest but says that if he turns out to be wrong, she will feed him to her dogs. George later uncovers many secrets at the Villa and manages to give her a new perspective on life.


  • Once a week the Countess goes to the mausoleum to say a pray.
  • Her chess set is over a hundrer years old.
  • The Templars ceased to exist centuries ago and, as for the de Vasconcellos, the line dies with her the Countess.
  • She doesn't receive guests.
  • Later in the story Lopez (The Gardener) tells George the tradesmen are saying that she is on Prozac, because they have never seen her smile and laugh. She has been very happy since George managed to recover her ancestors chalice. A proof that the Templars never abandoned the de Vasconcellos.


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