Dr Ronald Maynard's Research facility labs
Phoenix- Arizona
Country USA
City Phoenix
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Secret lab in the middle of the desert where Dr Ronald Maynard conducted his research about gold, using his "Monatomic Gold " machine. This special powder kills people, but saves them too! Stops disease - but wipes out millions.


  • Before Nico goes to Phoenix, George gives her the hacking tool he used since the beginning of the game (the same tool he used to hack into Lobineau's website).
  • Inside the safe lies a bank statement proving that the factory has received a large amount of money from "St Michael account number 3".
  • It is later acknowledged that The Order of St. Michael is the one funding this facility in exchange of Monatomic Gold for devastating purposes.
  • The Monatomic Gold is used to fuel The Ark 's power of destruction.