Eklund, was a high-ranking member of the Neo-Templars Order and one of their top agents.

Eklund is first seen dressed up as doctor in Hagenmeyer Clinic. He did this to walk into Jacques Marquet's private room without arousing suspicions and kill him. Marquet was a liability. Eklund dealt with him on the Grand Master's orders. Later in the story, he is seen disguised as a train conductor trying to kill George. Since he leaves the compartment, Eklund kidnaps Nico instead. Khan, who's sharing the same compartment dressed up as an old woman, tries to fight and succeeds to knock him out but gets shot in the process.

Eklaund is later killed by Inspector Rosso during the ceremony in St. Ninian’s Church.


  • Is swedish ornamental name composed of the elements ek ‘oak’ + lund ‘grove’.
  • Eklund thinks Inspector Rosso has been the model of obedience, an important quality in a true Templar.
  • In original game Eklund is killed by Inspector Rosso by throwing knife, but i Director's Cut is shot instead.


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