Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Young
Nationality French
Occupation Waiter
Location Montfauçon, France
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

Garçon is a rather unfriendly man, he initially ignores George and then brings him a filthy coffee with a lump of cream. He works on the Café in Montfaucon in Paris, France.

George arranges a meeting with André Lobineau in the Café to discuss Nico’s predicament. When he arrives, André is yet not there. To George’s surprise, there is a known character having a drink in the nearby table, Gendarme. In the meantime, he asks for a cup of coffee.

Thanks to the Garçon, George learns some things about Professor Oubier’s wife.

Topics of ConversationEdit


  • George: “Oh Garçon!”
   George: “He ignored me, I’m sure it was deliberate.”
  • George: "There's something incubating in the bottom of my cup, Garçon". 
   Garçon: "You asked for it, that's the cream."
   George: "But... It’s all in one lump."
   Garçon: "No problem, I'll bring you a fork."
   George: "Eh... Forget it."


  • In the original game, there is part of the text that was scrapped out in the remastered version. George asks the Garçon for a coffee while he waits for André. He is sure he’s asked for cream in his coffee, but he’s brought him black. The coffee is very bitter and only lukewarm, there was also an unpleasant, coagulated lump at the bottom of the cup. That is undoubtedly the most disgusting cup of coffee he’s ever tasted in his life!
  • The Garçon’s stained and crumpled clothes look as if they’ve been slept in. George decides not to bother with a meal...
  • The waiter doesn’t seem to care much about his appearance or his customers.