Jacques Marquet
Jacques Marquet
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Middle Aged
Nationality French
Occupation Member of the Neo-Templar Sect
Location Hagenmeyer Clinic , France
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Grey
Status Deceased
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Jacques Marquet was a notorious criminal synonymous with using the underground as a means to escapes his crimes, to this end he has been given the nickname The Mole of Montmartre.

Marquet is first mentioned during a conversation with Sean Fitzgerald at Mac Devitt's in Lochmarne, Ireland.

Marquet is said to be the person who was to receive Peagram’s package containing the gem according to Sean Fitzgerald. After Fitzgerald accident, George is determined to find him and ask about the gem purpose.

While Marquet is waiting to receive the gem, he is caught by Khan. Marquet is beaten by an assassin. He shouts the name "Moerlin" (Khan's alias) while being sent to a hospital.

During Marquet’s last breathes, George learns that the gem is supposed to be deliver to the Grand Master and that the location of the tripod has been found in Paris. Meanwhile, Klausner is set to Syria.



Marquet hospitalized in the Haygenmeyer Clinic