Key of Solomon
Role To activate the machine in the Armillary and to unlock the Excalibur

L 'Heiroglyphe, Paris, France

Appearance Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

The Key of Solomon is an ancient crystallized artifact that is used to activate the Armillary's machine. It is also a key that is used to unlock the Excalibur. It is first mentioned by Vernon Blier in his DVD message.


The key of Solomon is said to be an ancient book that contains the wisdom of Solomon.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping  DragonEdit


  • George: “This thing tingles. It feels great.”
   Nico: “Maybe it's an ancient massage machine.”


  • The key of Solomon is a fictional artifact in BS3's story. In real life, it is said to be famous and important handbook of Magic.


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