New york map bs4

New York map in BS4

Here you can find places of interest that have been explored by George during his adventures.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars Edit

Palais Royal, Paris, France. (only in Director's Cut)

Île de la Cité, Paris, France. (only in Director's Cut)

Nico's Apartment, Paris, France.

Café de la Chandelle Verte, Paris, France.

La Risée Du Monde, Paris, France.

Hotel Ubu, Paris, France.

Musée Crune, Paris, France.

Mac Devitt's, Lochmarne, Ireland.

The Castle of Lochmarne, Lochmarne, Ireland.

Police Station, Paris, France.

Hagenmeyer Clinic, Paris, France.

Administrator's Sauna, Paris, France.

Montfaucon, Paris, France. (under construction)

Club Alamut, Marib, Syria.

Bull's Head Hill, Marib, Syria.

Villa de Vasconcellos, Costa Cálida, Spain.

Site de Baphomet - Institut Hermétique de Nerval, Paris, France.

St. Ninian's Church, Bannockburn , Scotland.

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Edit

Professor Oubier's House, Paris, France.

Montfaucon, Paris, France.

Glease Gallery, Paris, France.

Marseille Docks, Marseille, France.

Condor Transglobal Warehouse, Marseille, France.

Quaramonte City, Quaramonte City, Quaramonte, Central America.

Policia, Quaramonte City, Quaramonte, Central America.

Quaramonte Mine Co., Quaramonte City, Quaramonte, Central America.

General Grasiento's Apartment, Quaramonte City, Quaramonte, Central America.

The Tree House, Teoculcán, Central America.

The Mayan Village, Teoculcán, Central America.

Ketch's Landing, Caribbean.

Ketch's Museum, Caribbean.

British Museum, London, England.

The Jungle, Teoculcán, Central America.

London Underground Station, London, England.

London Docks, London, England.

The Film Set, Caribbean.

The Pyramid, Teoculcán, Central America.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Edit

Cholmondely's Workshop, Congo

Vernon's Apartment, Paris, France.

Nico's Apartment, Paris, France.

The Cosmic Faerie, Glastonbury, England.

Zazie's Kiosk, Glastonbury, England.

The Yeoman's Arms, Glastonbury, England.

L 'Heiroglyphe, Paris, France.

Dragon Temple, Congo.

Susarro's Castle, Prague, Czech Republic.

Montfaucon, Paris, France. 

St. Stefan Chapter Headquarters, Paris, France.

The Armillary, Egypt.

Chamber of the Sword, Glastonbury, England.

Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury, England.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death Edit

George's Bail Bonds Office, New York City, USA.

Alfonso's Hotel, New York City, USA.

Martino's Meat Packing Company, New York City, USA.

Pasha Palace Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.

Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, Turkey.

Anna Maria's Apartment, Rome, Italy.

Sisters of Mercy Communion Wafer Supplies, Rome, Italy.

The Monastery, Vatican, Rome, Italy.

The Black Cat Club, Rome, Italy.

Dr Ronald Maynard's Research facility labs, Phoenix, Arizona.

Broken Sword: The Serpent's curse Edit

Le Lézard Bleu Art Gallery, Paris, France.

Café Le Tricolore, Paris, France.

Henri's Office, Paris, France.

Vera Security Office, Paris, France.

Henri's Apartment, Paris, France.

Nico's Apartment, Paris, France.

Medovsky’s Residence, London, England.

Hobbs' Studio, London, England.

Adam's Apartment, Paris, France.

La Petite Fleur, Paris France.

Castell dels Sants, Catalonia, Spain.

Montserrat Monastery Train Station, Montserrat, Spain.

Santa Cova Chapel, Monserrat, Spain.

Eden, Iraq.

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