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Shaman of the Mayan Village
Mayan Shaman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Nationality Central American
Occupation Village Elder
Location Teoculcan, Central America
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Grey
Status Unknown
Appearance Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror


Broken Sword: The Smoking MirrorEdit

The wise man of the Mayan Village. He is a very old man, wearing a light colored great coat and a hat, sitting by the fire and musing. After talking with the Mayan Village Guardian, George manages to get to talk to the shaman by giving him the Coyote Stone camouflaged inside the box of dog biscuits "Gourmet Dog". The shaman tells George the whole story of Tezcatlipoca and the sacred Obsidian Stones, tells George where he can manage to find them and, finally, to take them to him to prepare to save the Earth. Not much is known about what happens to him when the village is burned by Karzac and his men. He may have escaped or died.

Topics of ConversationEdit



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