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Virgil's hacking tool
Flash card hack tool

Virgil's hacking tool

Gender Male
Type flash card
Location George's Bail Bonds Office, New York City, USA
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Virgil's hacking tool is a hacking device that allow the user to access encrypted, password protected websites on any system in a close perimeter.

Its was developed by Virgil, friend and business partner of George Stobbart who works at the Bail Bonds Office that operates in New York City.

It is a flash card full of features of his own creation. George has to place it in his PDA, and then click "connect" to scan external networks.

When found, George must complete a puzzle by moving routers, refractors, and splitters, while avoiding nodes, to access the server.


  • Virgil: "There's no such thing as locked out".
  • Virgil: "Just slip it in your PDA, and ride that internet"



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